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IN&OUT the quarantine –

Alessandro Dell’Acqua has suffered the quarantine very much. He kept busy, did things, tried working from remote but the physical lack of his team was felt by him very strongly, as well as the atmosphere of the showroom where he only can breathe the air of doing, and doing together. The confinement in the house was hard, the time seemed to flow in slow motion and often empty, despite the books and movies and affections to keep him company. Just taking a look at his social networks it is possible to notice the fatigue and the desire to return to normality, to the real work on the field, while respecting all the rules. To Vogue Italia, who interviewed him during the period of forced inactivity and asked him if there was a poem, a verse or a maxim that comforted him, he responded with the words of Eduardo De Filippo, a genuine Neapolitan like him: Ha da passà ‘a nuttata (The night has to pass).

4 questions to Alessandro Dell’Acqua 

1. How do you imagine celebrating the end of social distancing when it will finally happen in safety?
I cannot wait to hug my family, especially my nephews!

2. Which book/movie/track/series, discovered during quarantine, you recommend?
I spent most of the time during confinement in a long day dedicating myself to the search for emerging international designers, which – alas – in normal times I have no time to do. I have been going through my personal archive, photography books, old fashion magazines to get inspired. I also re-discovered few classics Italian movies such as Gruppo di famiglia in un interno by Luchino Visconti and Teorema by Pier Paolo Pasolini

3. After corona virus crisis, the strategy, the way of selling, the mood in general of N°21 KIDS will change somehow?
I think we will need to concentrate on less collections, smaller collections, more quality and creativity. I think that we will all have to take more responsible and ethic behaviors on all levels and to discard anything that it is not essential, unnecessary and excessive.

4. Do you have any plans for your summer holidays?
I will definitely spend the holidays in Italy. I think this year more than ever we have to support our Country and of course I will go back to Naples to see my family and to Ischia and the Amalfi coast to enjoy my beloved sea.

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Text by Patrizia Mezzanzanica


POSTED BY enrico
June 17, 2020