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IN&OUT the quarantine – Dsquared2

There’s always Italy in Dean and Dan’s hearts. And not only because they love it deeply but because inside them there is the strength and determination of a grandmother who was born there. A grandmother who, since their childhood has taught them the most important lesson of life: keep a go. They told it themselves with a moving short movie from their social channels during the lock down, cheering for Italy and the whole world. Because it is in the most difficult moments, that matters the teaching of the wise, of the valiant, of those who do not lose hope, who do not give up, those who teach these values to the children so that one day they could become witnesses themselves and will continue to believe in them. It is as children that we learn to love, to fight, to be afraid and to be brave. If our heart is pure and our soul is free we know that the sun will come out. Tomorrow.

4 questions to Dean and Dan Caten

1. How do you imagine celebrating the end of social distancing when it will finally happen in safety?
The truth is that this experience made us stronger and more reflective, sensitive and a lot more considerate than ever in reference to our daily lives. We have missed our friends, family, and our team so much over this time and we cannot wait to reconnect to share all of the newly found discoveries. Even if we are physically distant in the future I think all of the new ways of communicating digitally will serve us well. We can’t really imagine exactly how it will be when things are back to “normal” but we’ve found comfort in not being chased by the frantic rhythms of our lives.

2. Which book/movie/track/series, discovered during quarantine, you recommend?
We have been rediscovering all the great classics inside of both film and music! We recently watched movies like “Judy”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, just to mention a few titles. We also really enjoyed some new series like Hollywood, Outer Banks or Pose. Amazing!
As for music, we listened to all the disco music of the seventies and eighties that often transformed our Saturday nights…. There has been so much laughter! We have learned to take more inspiration from all the things that surround us and the times have opened us up to a new perspective of creativity and new opportunities. We like to discover new works, films or tv series that allow us to travel with our minds without moving from home!!

3. After corona virus crisis, the strategy, the way of selling, the mood in general of Dsquared2 will change somehow?
Maybe it’s too early to say, but we are following closely the guidelines and safety matters. Being caring and respectful is very important to us. We know that this period has changed our mindset and the way we look at everything. We’ve spent so much time living inside of this newly found creative power, and have really taken time to break down our brands identity in order to determine the most efficient way to communicate everything. Especially in this moment, it is very important to converge all the efforts and the energy on the consumers and community. Fashion system is constantly evolving and as a fashion brand it can be hard to keep up with this thought. It’s more about reconnecting with life habits, experiences and moments because none has lost the desire to feel unique.

4. Do you have any plans for your summer holidays?
At the moment, we have no plans for this summer, we want to start again but without forgetting this period, doing the things we love the most with a new perspective and spirit, giving the right value to things.

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Text by Patrizia Mezzanzanica


POSTED BY enrico
June 11, 2020