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IN&OUT the quarantine – Dolce & Gabbana

#DGFATTOINCASA, the Dolce & Gabbana tailor-made slogan to face the darkest moment. A charitable initiative that focuses on the beauty of the know-how and the poetry of craftsmanship to feel united, not to give up, to help the scientific battle. Be filming and filming on their account IG the ones who have a talent and can teach it, the ones who can tear a smile with a joke, the ones who know how to enter the hearts of others with a poem or a song, anyone who lives with passion and loves his work. The Home and Shop style that still distinguishes us, today more than ever, even if we had forgotten it a bit. A style that can and must be an inspiration even for the youngest, to help them discover their origins, to teach them the value of beauty and maybe give them an idea of what to do when they grow up. In a few words, the Dolce & Gabbana style.

4 Questions to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

1. How do you imagine celebrating the end of social distancing when it will finally happen in safety? 
DD&SG: We imagine to see again our beloved ones safely, to start a life in which it could be again possible to shake hands and hug. We worked a lot in these months respecting the safety restrictions, as it was right, but we missed so much human touch and planning.

2. How did you spend your days during the quarantine?
DD: I mostly tried to keep usual habits, I got up early in the morning, got a coffee, settled up the home, and started working. Then I did researches, saw old collections, drew a lot…and I listened to music just to distract myself from worries. Sometimes it really felt like i was living in a science fiction movie.
SG: I agree with Domenico, it wasn’t always easy. Those were strange and difficult months that we will always remember. I worked and I was particularly keen on gardening! I’ve always loved flowers and nature mostly in the spring and in this period i had the time to dedicate part of the days to it.

3. After corona virus crisis, the strategy, the way of selling, the mood in general of Dolce & Gabbana will change somehow? 
DD: Our way of working and thinking about fashion was born from the love for the job we do and from the dedication we put since the first day: all this could never change. Obviously we had to make some changes, to take all the necessary precautions to start again in total safety, and to try to work a lot on the socials, as we did in the moment of total lockdown.
SG: …We created sales pilot-videos for the boutiques, and we launched the #DGFATTOINCASA project totally developed through video contents posted on the Dolce&Gabbana Instagram account. We are very glad that the first aim of the initiative is to continue the collaboration in the research and study of a vaccine against Covid-19 through a fundraiser for the Humanitas Foundation for Research, also supported by Banca Intesa San Paolo.

4. Do you have any plans for your summer holidays?
DD&SG: It’s still kind of early to think about it. We just got back to work. We now focus on restarting and finding best solutions for the months to come.

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Text by Patrizia Mezzanzanica

POSTED BY enrico
June 10, 2020