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IN&OUT the quarantine: Diesel

He wouldn’t have built an empire if he wouldn’t have had a vision, and this vision has not been conditioned by the virus. Even during the quarantine Renzo Rosso has continued to work (even if from home) for the days to come. And like many others, he thought about those less fortunate with praiseworthy initiatives. As the one focused on helping the hospital structures of the Italian minor centers through the OTB Foundation, of which he is president, that usually deals with social inclusion projects for minors and communities in distress. And where OTB stands for Only The Brave (a most appropriate name could not be found, being Renzo Rosso). On the social media he alternated institutional short action ad movies with drawings of children and messages of hope, to help spreading positive vibes. He acted, in short, according to his character. Because, to say it in Diesel words, we all need # Brave Action For A Better World.

4 questions to Renzo Rosso

1. How do you imagine celebrating the end of social distancing when it will finally happen in safety?
The end of social distancing is already happening in different parts of the world, and some kind of normal life is coming back. The thing we all missed the most was human contact, it’s nice to go back to hugging your beloved ones. It is hard to handle the grief of the losses we experienced and the economic difficulties that lie ahead. Let’s hope everything goes by as soon as possible, I think in a couple of years things will fully be back to normal.

2. Which book/movie/track/series, discovered during quarantine, you recommend?
During quarantine I only worked, worked, worked. Skype, Zoom, Teams, I was constantly connected. This has been a very stressful and busy period, and the little spare time I had I tried to spend it together with my family.

3. After corona virus crisis, the strategy, the way of selling, the mood in general of Diesel will change somehow?
We have developed a virtual sales showroom, which will not only overcome the current situation, but will also make us taking an important new step in our sustainability path: there will be less travelling, meaning less production of CO2, less pollution, less waste. A part of the innovations developed in this period will have to stay: simpler products, for instance, should continue to be sold digitally, with different timings in order to be able to provide new products to the stores, whereas more elaborate products which require physical touch will return to a traditional way of presenting and selling.

4. Do you have any plans for your summer holidays?
Probably most of our holidays will be reduced to be able to catch up on the time we lost, so I also will have less time off and I will be more in the office. And during the few days off, I hope to be able to spend time in our beautiful Italy, at the seaside.

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Text by Patrizia Mezzanzanica 

POSTED BY enrico
June 18, 2020