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Infantium Victoria,
‘bee’ thoughtful

It’s all about the protection of bees this summer for the sustainable/ vegan kid’s and adult wear label Infantium Victoria. In fact, since the fruition of the label they have been advocates for using organic plant based materials, grown without chemicals and processed in the most natural way. 

The message from the brand “We see insects as a crucial element in the planetary balance and the key to a general sustainable future. That’s why we believe that kids should be taught about the importance of bugs and become fascinated by their world.

To cement their message the label is using harvested lotus fabric which has unique properties, it’s naturally soft, light and especially breathable. Producing lotus textile is a laborious process, with some 65000 lotus stems required to make a single length of hand-woven fabric. Creating the fabric is a handmade artisanal process. 

For the prints Infantium collaborated with local artisans in Bangalore to produce custom made hand blocks which tell the story of the transition from caterpillar to butterfly. 

As we can expect their signature black forms the base to the collection, however this season hot pink and orange make a bold appearance and provide the pop.

So ‘bee’ thoughtful this summer – small changes and greater awareness of our choices just may help a little for the future! 

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Text by Katie Kendrick

POSTED BY enrico
May 21, 2020