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Il tè di Alice: surreal exhibition

Nuages Gallery in Milan is now hosting a collective exhibition dedicated to the delightful and meaningless tea scene from Alice in Wonderland.
Since the publication of Lewis Carrol’s beloved novel in 1865, the surreal chapter in which Alice takes tea with the mad Hatter and the March Hare has inspired artists from all over the world, including John Tenniell, Walt Disney and Max Ernst.
34 contemporary artists and illustrators have ventured in Wonderland once again… and interpreted the tea party in their own way.
To discover what they have seen, pay attention when it’s 5 o’clock and go join Alice&Friends.

Il tè di Alice
until December 10th

Nuages Gallery
Via del Lauro 10

cover picture: Gabriella Giandelli

1. Franco Matticchio
2. Alicia Baladan
3. Cristina Amedeo
4. Beppe Giacobbe
5. Viola Niccolai

POSTED BY cts-klee
December 1, 2016