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Il Gufo, where it all started

Il Gufo’s FW19 collection stems from a time where it all started for them, amongst the hills of Asolo and the conservatory where founder Giovanna Miletti brought their first creations to life. 

I had glass walls put in the porch of the house, transforming it into a proper workshop, and I used to use my children’s ping pong table to cut patterns.”  states Giovanna.

With a focus on the yarn, material and origin of each garment the rich greens, lamé material and mohair knits from this Fall/ Winter collection scream covetable. Sophisticated tartan and monochrome black and white contribute to the chic factor. A beautiful quality collection from this Italian favourite.

We’ve taken back the most authentic and precious tradition of manufacturing and we’ve added Italian sweetness and brightness to create a combination of quality and aesthetic choices that leave the readers free to interpret, even making room for fun onomatopoeic effects” says Alessandra Chiavelli, CEO of Il Gufo.

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
September 25, 2019