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Il Gufo: a new store in Paris

Grand opening for Il Gufo’s first boutique in Paris.
The 140 sqm store has Nordic design as its main source of inspiration, where hornbeam and oak wood predominate creating lighter volumes and making the space feel warmer and more domestic.
Two large, clear glass shopping windows allow the interiors to express a new philosophy where nature and children are put in the spotlight through wholly natural materials with a certified origin and finishes free of glues and synthetic substances.
A passionate endeavour resulting from the synergic collaboration of some of Veneto’s best architects and manufacturers: the architect Antognoni and Ezio Orio and Luigi Vettorazzo, along with their Orvett team, have realised the design and the furnishings both through their internal manufacturing structure and the significant recovery of objects stored in an invaluable archive created in many years of research, where each piece has been carefully catalogued.
As stated by Alessandra Chiavelli, the brand’s CEO and prime mover of the entire project in collaboration with an enthusiastic team of professionals, this opening marks another important step in the ambitious retail development strategy that has motivated and fuelled the expansion and growth of the brand over the last 10 years.

Il Gufo
183 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris, France

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October 15, 2015