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House of Fun
by Loud Apparel

Loud Apparel takes their inspiration for the ‘House of Fun’ SS20 collection from a quote about play:

Play is a primary way that we learn to understand and experience around us. The simple act of free, self- initiated play helps unlock a child’s innate creativity, imagination, interests and talents… it helps children to uncover who they are, and impart invaluable skills they will need to possess in the uncertain future they will face tomorrow.
– Sir Ken Robinson.

Drawing on the statements their focus is on the development of the child, our future and the planet. So how does the child do this… chase, hide, jump, dance, run, be free and have lots and lots of FUN!

The brand’s signature bold graphics, quirky and fun design remains at the core of the collection.

As well as their signature black and white monochrome, touches of gold green, true blue and polka dots make for a playful palette by which to enjoy this House of Fun.

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Text by Katie Kendrick

POSTED BY enrico
May 27, 2020