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Alpine Dreams!

Based in Vienna Hilda.Henri is dedicated to sustainable children’s fashion… with a hint of couture and an artistic touch… At the beginning this Austrian fashion brand focused on liberating the erstwhile Alpine farming fabric milled loden from the context of traditional costumes… breathing new life into it with up-to-date-trends to give it a more fun fashionable focus… In the meantime their collections are also made from other precious fabrics… they make clothes for girls and boys from 2 up to 16 years. …adventurers and dandies, for urban elves, dreamers and little artists…
Partners are old established family businesses with a long time knowledge – settled in between the mountains and nature.
All collections are manufactured locally, following the rules of a traditional handcraft. It is the brand`s dream that its garments take on an important role in families‘ lives and get passed along from child to child.
The young label from Vienna goes its own way in many respects…
This season it’s all bright colours of glowing horizons appearing as though from nowhere, sparkling for moments, and then vanishing back into the darkness… Rich red and orange tones, pink, mustard and turquoise meet plain black and white and muted colours… The silhouettes of our skirts and dresses remind of puffy clouds… the expressive patterns are inspired by the work of contemporary artist Sterling Ruby…

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November 14, 2016