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Happy Days With Monnalisa!

Best known for their flamboyant fashion items for girls – this year marvellous landscapes and pop-up roses enhance the magic Monnalisa winter…
Inspired by snowy capped mountain peaks, views of pristine nature and flower branches appear on printings in softly whispered colours… urban landscapes contrasts with shiny skylines… colours carry the soft hues and shades of nature – beige, oat, vermilion, cornflower and sky blue… like one can see during clear winter days… Fashion photography & art have been intertwined in a cheerful style of great power… a kind of homage to the beauty of planet earth.
Neoclassical elements reproduced with sublimation printing on silk and brocade fabrics, lace or plissé.

The motto is: sophisticated but comfortable. The perfect outfits for a stylish traveller… 

Have a look at:

photos by Marco Tassinari

Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
August 13, 2015