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GOSOAKY: Jump in Every Puddle!

Let’s rain! Finally!
There is stylish rainwear! Designed in the Netherlands… Simple and essential, made with high quality fabrics and trims… fresh colours and surprising designs.
Padded- and unlined jackets, pants, onesie’s, capes and even a back sack… all with taped seams and 3000 mm column pressure-fabric and waterproof zippers… to be prepared fort he heaviest rain and storm… as Johanna Curlier, one oft he brands founders, sees rain as a great opportunity for a party… but let’s keep the party dry, stylish and comfortable… “Our grown-up minds have turned rain into a cold, wet burden. But when placing yourself in the perspective of a child, a storm is the perfect setting for an adventure, stomping and jumping through puddles.”
Yes… the creatives behind Gosoaky have learned that it’s possible to love rain… as it is a part of everyday life in the Netherlands… so why not make the best out of it?! …as a shower or two shouldn’t ruin an otherwise fun day…
The Spring/Summer 2016 rainwear collection fuses time-tested weather protection with Dutch design in clean cuts and beautiful details… we found that’s a real new interpretation of the traditional raincoat for kids aged 1 till 14… yes… that was really the thing missing in the urban outerwear children’s market.
In wet climates the raincoat is not merely a functional garment.
It’s a statement piece, an item that can and should complete any outfit.
Gosoaky provides a unique combination of functional products with a fashionable look… made for kids who love to go on an outdoor adventure… and parents who love their kids (1-14) to stay dry and look nice…
With that stylish raingear at your side, you can waterproof your kids in an instant, no fuss… ah… not to forget: Gosoaky loves penguins… these dashing dressers and their environment need some serious attention.
That’s why the brand supports the ‘World Wide Fund for Nature’ in Antarctica… and by buying a GOSOAKY item, you contribute to making the penguin-world a better place…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
July 21, 2016