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Fabulous Mr. Printables: Pure DIY Awesomeness!

I just discovered something that got me quite excited: Mr. Printables… a website that is offering amazingly creative and educational free printables for kids… and yes! …I must admit: for adults as well… I love it!
I printed the whole morning… got my scissors out… some glue and pencils… and felt immediately quite artsy and almost couldn’t stop!
Mr. P is sharing such crafty goodness, by putting up downloadable templates for the most amazing kind of DIY projects… pom-poms who look like fruits… enchanted paper worlds… soap, that looks like a gem… you just print stuff out… and they become real objects!
Mr. Printables does not reveal much about herself… “I did an environmental design course but I wasn’t an especially good crafty person. I can knit but gave up fairly quickly. Crafting became an all new thing later… when I came across the craft world on the web…and I’m glad that I gave myself a second chance!”… Olive admitted, that she is a bit behind technologies in general… but combined the two technologies she was capable of: A printer and the internet! …so her website was born… and since that, an almost endless stream of ideas are floating out of her fairylike brain… She thinks what kids learn and tries to remember her own childhood memories… riding a rainbow… hunting for Easter eggs… and tries to translate that into funny games or paper objects or loads of other things…
“All our printable PDF files are created by us and are made with love and care”, she tells me… one does feel this enthusiasm! …therefore… I’m terribly sorry… I must stop writing… and go back to my glue, my pencils and my scissors!!!
…you better check out that magic website yourself!
…so so sooo much fun! I promise! Get those scissors out! Now!
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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
May 4, 2016