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Frituur Bambi by Caroline Bosmans

At first glance, Caroline Bosman‘s Spring Summer 2018 collection Frituur Bambi appears to be her happiest collection to date.

With an abundance of beautiful floral dresses that are somewhat Italianate in their ruffly, diaphanous, and formal sensibility and the principal motif an adorable, Disneyesque deer that is a pretty near rendition of the collection’s namesake, Bambi, it would seem Bosmans was taking her happy pills this season.

But taken in context with the rest of the collection—lots of camouflage, black lace, and yes, hamburgers, the sinister humour of everyone’s favourite Dadaist kid’s designer comes into sharper focus. The narrative that surfaces is one of the hunter in pursuit of turning Bambi, a childhood icon of purity and innocence into, well, dinner. With a campaign shot to evoke the eerie darkness of the Netflix supernatural hit Stranger Things, and a google search that revealed ‘Frituur’ is Dutch for ‘frying pan’, you can rest assured that this collection is as dark and marvelous as its predecessors. 

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Text by Jennifer Irizarry

POSTED BY enrico
May 10, 2018