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Frida’s Tierchen:
handmade kid’s toys

Maria Salamanca, with the birth of Frida six years ago, started a new personal and professional adventure at the same time.
The maternity has been not only a transformational experience, but gave life to a new story: Frida’s Tierchen.
She realized that many of the toys on the market tended towards hyper-stimulating design but poor quality.
That’s why, thinking at something that would accompany her daughter during growth, she began to create dolls giving priority to quality.
And the link between the little girl and the eponymous label became tighter. As she grew up in fact, her playing needs changed and Maria has been continuously stimulated to find best solutions to each age.
And now her collections include not only dolls, but animals and complements, too.
The new one is inspired by Native Americans and feathered headdresses are the absolute protagonists.
It came to life by the play of Frida and her friends, their energy and vitality, and the adventures they played whilst transformed into American Indians or animals of Far West. Together with the Wolf masks everything is made out of high quality 100% pure wool felt obtained by a pure artisanal process.

So, let’s wait and see what Frida will play next, leading many children towards new stories.

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

September 30, 2015