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Fendi kids: Funky Pop!

Such a striking collection, full of fun messages and bright colours…
sun and fun as colourful as a child’s imagination… forays into the floral world, together with funky-pop motifs.
The kids’ journey with Fendi continues, through gardens in bloom, among the buds and succulents, following the directions of the “talking eyes”, which give fun messages…
Wildflowers dance from one garment to the next: from soft sweatshirts to denim jackets, from poplin blouses to jeans with fluttering ruches like gravitational waves, between light fabrics and gorgeous textures, such as organza combined with cotton, or tulle matched with denim.
For boys, stripes are a leitmotif: horizontal, vertical, white or multi-coloured, perhaps punctuated with a black kitten with appealing eyes, playing hide-and-seek among the cacti…
the yellow of the sunshine peeps out on shirts and trousers…
with the return of the sunshine, clouds, writing, light bulbs, talking eyes and speech bubbles are jumping from trousers to dresses and organza to denim… olala… makes you look like a walking comic-strip…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY enrico
April 23, 2017