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Fausto Gilberti’s books for artsy kids!

Fausto Gilberti, illustrator and artist, takes us by the hand  to show the art of Jackson Pollock and Yves Klein, two brilliant and restless painters.
Jackson Pollock was an artist who wasn’t used to sit still in front of an easel with brushes and palette in hand, but one who found his very own way of painting: he dripped, splashed and made the colours run all over the rolled-out canvas with the energy and grace of a dancer.
Yves Klein instead was using only one colour: Klein Blue! He invented Body Art and he always managed to find new ways to impress his audience.
He explains in an easy way understandable also to children how these energetic artist were and how they changed the perspective of art in the 20th century.

These books are pubblished by Corraini Edizioni, and available online.

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Text by Giacomo Cristaldi

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June 22, 2015