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Treasury wear for kids

fäfä is an original children and women’s fashion brand established under the concept of
‘Children choose what they want to wear’.
The secret of the designer Helen Miyaoka is her free imagination that doesn’t follow neither trends or rules. She wants the kids to wear something that is funny and special to feel them happy.

Established in 2003 in Tokyo the label takes its name from Helen’s childhood teddy bear: fäfä is an example of the extremes of creativity to which adults will aspire. Helen realized that there was no such a brand offering clothes for children that designed to suit there imagination and taste.
The first exhibition in Europe was Playtime Paris in 2010, but only with CPH Kids in August 2011 in Copenhagen, fäfä collection was truly appreciated.

As a treasury wear that is passed into generations, this year fäfä collaborated with Monchichi for their 40th anniversary special collection from clothing to accessories: fäfä wants children to wear something special and memorable because childhood passes so quicky,

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POSTED BY cts-klee
September 17, 2014