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DOUUOD KIDS: Strong, Linear, Versatile, Delicate and Refined

This winter is mere sophistication!
The charm and elegance of black stands out… together with colourful flower embroideries… as well as ethereal pure white… the whole collection is essential and clear… and between dark colours and pure white also the brighter and more delicate tones, such as pink, light-blue and refined greys, find their space…
DOUUOD KIDS’ search never ends, a curiosity that continuously projects towards new discoveries and inspirations… whilst always looking back at the past, with it’s attention to detail that still today distinguishes the legendary Made in Italy.
DOUUOD KIDS’ style also has this Japanese sensitivity, rigour and cleanness… but creatively revisited and enhanced with Italian tradition of embroidered details.
The new collection proposes the identifiable DOUUOD KIDS stripes in variations of black or light romantic colours… in fabrics like cotton jersey, gauze, organza and soft wool.
The linearity of stripes are matched with delicate embroidery… there are prints in technical fabrics and innovative materials for children.
Raw fabrics like cotton gauze meets the softness of cotton jersey… faux fur, light lurex or leatherette mix with ceremony gold or light blue…
DOUUOD KIDS loves to look ahead and is obsessed with novelty and versatility…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
July 18, 2016