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Dorothy Circus Gallery, the opening in London

Dorothy Circus Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary, a great occasion to invite all of you to participate at the opening of its temporary British branch in London, at Notting Hill.
The Gallery decided to group its most important pop surreal icons and new international figures in a magical meeting starting from 13th of October until the 15th of December, 2017. 
Pages from Mind Travellers Diaries is the name of the Group show, a title mirroring the Gallery’s restless mood and ideologies.
That is the way it all started, with the idea of a journey towards the remotest ways of surrealism, a journey full of surprises and significant meetings that shaped DCG’s identity. 
The first Group Exhibition in London will feature the artists Kazuki Takamatsu, Joe Sorren, Marion Peck, Ray Caesar, Travis Louie and Camille Rose Garcia. 
Those great artists’ extravagant production, made of all the possible artistic mediums and personal styles, going from the digital highly detailed images to a more painterly approach of the brushes on canvas, will be a guide for the visitor to start exploring the intricate realms of this art. 

Pages from Mind Travellers Diaries
from 13th of October until 15th of December, 2017

Dorothy Circus Gallery
79-81 Ledbury Road

Have a look at:

Opening picture: Ghost of Laura From The Reeds, Travis Louie

Picture 1: Woman with Rainbow, Joe Sorren

Picture 2: The Woods, Marion Peck 

Picture 3: Snow Yak Structure, Mark Ryden 

Picture 4: Launderette, Ray Caesar

POSTED BY enrico
October 10, 2017