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Diesel SS 2020

Diesel SS20 is offering focuses on a Mini Me collection diffused from the adult collection. The Military theme with its colours and camouflage patterns is playfully adapted with shades of black and white. The combative urban kid’s attire with added embellishment and rhinestones. 

Colour form the second part of the collection – with the Diesel kid’s unisex sports gear receiving the full logo treatment. There’s a new DDDL logo and we see the return of the iconic ‘Diesel for successful living’ slogan on T-shirts, sweaters and swimsuits – all on a minimal colour backdrop.  

For their signature and soul of the label the denim design features three core themes: white, blue and  black with various ripped and mended detailing, plastic foil surface effect and cool embroidery.

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
February 24, 2020