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CYBEX is “Moving On Up” with Jeremy Scott

CYBEX launched their third collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott: a collaboration between a profoundly unconventional artist and a company dedicated to sleek design and best-in-class safety.

The new collection, titled “Cherubs”, is as whimsical as it is stylish. It offers humorous interpretations of classic motifs punctuated by bold and exciting colors, and of course, Jeremy Scott’s iconic gold wings. Not only do these pieces offer the ultimate in comfort and safety, they also allow caregivers to shop, travel and socialize with ease while looking as hip and fashionable as they feel. “As a designer, color is one of the tools that I use to complete my ideas” states Jeremy Scott, “specifically, for this CYBEX collection I wanted to play with the archetypes of newborns which are baby blue and pale pink.”

CYBEX takes fashion as seriously as it does safety, with a mission to help caregivers feel fun and fashionable throughout parenthood. By revamping the new PRIAM, MIOS, YEMA and CLOUD Q, Jeremy has created urban design pieces that turn the vitality of childhood into an effortless and modern style statement.
The result? A CYBEX that gives you wings!

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POSTED BY enrico
November 7, 2017