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Cucú Lab: Sweet Melancholy Circus

Have you ever experienced the bittersweet emotion of present nostalgia—the feeling that the joy of this moment is receding at lightning speed into the past alongside the melancholy brought on by the awareness of its fleeting? Well, get ready to be transported by Sweet Melancholy Circus from Cucú Lab

An emotive collection making expert use of soft fabrics—pois, grey, and black striping reminiscent of circus jugglers—touches of pale pink, pom pom adorned capes, and silver and amber jackets, Cucú Lab offers oversized silhouettes of a distant troubadorian past, with a decidedly fresh and modern style. 

You are going to wish they made it all in your size (hint: they do).

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Text by Jennifer Irizarry


POSTED BY enrico
October 18, 2017