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Creative Children’s Spaces

Firstly, Ashlyn Gibson sets out to make sense of the basics, providing a valuable guide to creating a childhood haven that can evolve with your children and all their changing needs, from newborn to pre-teen. Next, Ashlyn discusses the key elements of successful and inspiring children’s spaces—color, wall decor, storage, display, dens and hidey holes, creative spaces and homework zones, and cozy bedrooms. She visits real-life homes that feature imaginative and stylish design ideas and explores children’s spaces that provide an inspirational backdrop for busy family life.

An award-winning retailer herself, Ashlyn also opens her address book and reveals her favorite online suppliers, design stores, and flea markets as well as suggesting interesting blogs, instagram accounts, and pinterest boards that readers might like to follow.

Ashlyn Gibson, Creative Children’s Spaces, Copyright Ryland & Small, 2015 

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May 11, 2016