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Coral & Tusk:
The Most Enchanted Dolls and Pillows!

Drawing is my passion. Embroidering these drawings makes them come to life”, says Stephanie Hously… the creative mind behind Coral & Tusk… Born and raised in the Ohio Valley, Stephanie comes from a long line of Appalachian women who could make something from nothing.
Her great-grandmother made lace while her grandmother made dolls, each instilling Stephanie with a deep appreciation for self-expression through craft. First enchanted by the natural world during childhood trips to the Eastern seaboard, traveling, drawing and embroidery were intrinsic to her childhood and development into a textile and home product designer.
While the East Coast remains her favourite destination, Stephanie frequently travels the globe…
Her creative process is a special alchemy of story-telling, illustration, machine embroidery and hand-finishing… Stephanie first creates her irreverent characters and bold pattern designs as original pencil drawings before she painstakingly redraws them stitch by stitch using specialized software…
Designs are machine-embroidered at cut-and-sew workshops that Stephanie set up in India and are then finished by hand in her Brooklyn studio.
From concept and original drawing all the way to the finished product, a single design takes months to produce… 
Coral & Tusk celebrates the theme of adornment as expressed through the craft, creativity and incredible resourcefulness of native cultures everywhere: the collection includes Pocket Pillows, with different embroidered characters, Pocket Dolls and funny animal masks…and much more!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
September 12, 2016