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Coquito’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection OCEANIA

Designed in Berlin and hand crafted in Argentina, the garments are bespoke, hand embroidered limited editions. Coquito dream of a fairer world in which artisans are respected for their trade, which is part of an ever dwindling tradition of smock embroidery. They aim to provide a decent and dignified standard of living and develop individuals to their full potential.

It all began in 2009 in Berlin, when Argentinian Photographer Guillermina Ackerman entered a completely new field and started knitting. At first, the clothes were only for her kids but too many people started asking about those cute dresses and vests. A year later the first collection was born, reinventing the tradition of smock embroidered dresses into more minimalistic cuts and, although many lessons still had to be learned, it was a success.
Now in it’s seventh year, COQUITO has become a real family business: The collection concept and branding is done by Guillermina in Berlin and the production and shipping is managed by her mother Maria Ackerman from Argentina, operating under the name ‘ibino SRL’. Twice a year a gathering takes place in Buenos Aires where they both work together on the designs of the coming up season.
The operational side including the web shop has been managed until short by Guillermina’s husband David Eitzinger. Guillermina and David sailed around the world with their two children for three years, always on the lookout for new inspiration, beautiful materials and exciting craftsmanship. After these wonderful three years of sea nomad life, the family is back in Berlin since soon two years, searching for new challenges and eager to bring COQUITO to the world.

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June 29, 2016