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The way we live and move around!

Humans aren’t the only ones on earth who travel long distances…many birds, fishes and mammals migrate hundreds of miles in search of food, warmer climates or places to raise their young.
But it’s not just the incredible distances these creatures travel, it’s the way they do it that makes us slow down and think…
By comparing how humans travel and transport things across the surface of the earth with the discreet and graceful journeys of animals such as the arctic tern and the grey whale, Coming and Going challenges us to think about the way we live and move around. 
Written by the portuguese Isabel Minhos Martins and illustrated by Bernardo Carvalho, the book is a thought-provoking way to promote environmental awareness.

Isabel Minhos Martins  & Bernardo Carvalho, Coming and Going, Hardcover, 204

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February 21, 2016