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Childhood Memory – The collecting obsession

Aimee Bollu is a British artist, a collector and arranger of things people have discarded and forgotten.
Through the creation of playful and poetical objects, the forgotten items become meaningful once more, and possess a new value.
She explores her ideas at Backlit studios in Nottingham, England.
Nottingham has a lost heritage of industries, predominately textiles, which has resulted in abandoned and forgotten factories, a landscape that Aimee enjoys cultivating.
Aimee’s ability to see the potential in these disregarded possessions stems from an obsession with collecting as a child and has always seen the value in even the most minuscule of things.
It is the unprejudiced view and curiosity of a child which motivates her. When she found a forgotten object, she didn’t know, where it will leads her.
It’ s a kind of „game“ and the process of “playing” which forms her sculptural vessels and objects at the end.
The results can be admired in her current collection “The Hoard”.
Fragile objects, soft pastel colours, simple contemporary and timeless shapes, combined with forgotten pieces of our daily life.
Rusted and twisted metal emerges from candy-pop porcelain suggesting a handle; an oven knob nestles into the aperture of a turned wooden pot.
Nothings seems to be random, everything looks coherent and plausible, like candies out of a “Alice in Wonderland” scenery or like childrens’ toys from a future time.
All you want, if you look at her objects, is collect them all and make your life a little more poetic and magic.
Aimee has graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours degree in Decorative Arts and continues to work from her own studio in Nottingham.
She is currently working on a project with German Design Studio and Creative Lab STUDIO OINK.

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Text by Studio Oink

September 29, 2015