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Charlie De Keersmaecker

was born in Antwerpen (Belgium), studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles and at the Cleveland College of Art and Design (UK). He lives and works in Antwerpen and Paris. 
For a decade he photographs, in a natural and uncluttered way, designers, artists and musicians. 
Fond of music, he likes to play guitar until the early morning.
Charlie about his shooting for kid’s wear Magazine:
“It’s a story about a new generation of kids from antwerp in the Old part of it’s port. A mix of old and new with a timeless feel. It’s a series of portraits that is embracing the future and the past.” 

photo credits
1. Charlie de Keersmaeckers selfportrait
2. Women I – Kim Peers
3. Nanou
4. Rinus Van de Velde
5. Charlie de Keersmaecker for kid’s wear Magazine

Gallois Montbrun & Fabiani
Artists’ Representative

June 25, 2015