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C R L N B S M N S:
For Edgy Kids & and Parents with Guts

What a brand name! …behind this unpronounceable letter potpourri hides fabulous Belgian fashion designer Caroline Bosmans, who wanted to move away from the usual boy – girl stereotype.
Caroline Bosmans is known for her unique garments, the ultimate combination of technologically chic with funky sophistication.
Her pieces are avant-garde, almost works of art.
Caroline combines bold artistic patterns with futuristic shapes and quirky graphics… there are jacquard knitted and printed sweaters and cardigans… hats, maxi style dresses, skirts, and fitted leggings… and lots more… Most of the garments designed by Caroline Bosmans feature black and throws in a pop of trendy colour or metallic shine and unique prints… there is humour, wonder and loads of imagination…
Break out of the confining boxes that have been created with traditional children’s clothing and step into the world of unexpected, unpredictable and unconventional. 

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 9, 2015