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The year 2015 marks a milestone for historic brand C.P. Company which celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Experimentation, innovation and carefully selected materials and design have always been the defining characteristics of C.P. Company style. Its creative roots stem first from the genius of Massimo Osti and, today, from Enzo Fusco, the equally well-known stylist and entrepreneur who took over the helm.
It was with C.P. Company that Osti really established his brilliance.
Great innovator and experimenter in the textiles field, he was the first to use the garment dying technique.
In a 1991 interview, he declared: “The textile sector is the most interesting in terms of experimentation and that is what I base my collections on”.
In line with the pioneering spirit of this extraordinary Italian designer, today FGF Industry has established a style department around this brand, with top professionals such as Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti.
The team is captained by Enzo Fusco who, as creative director, continues his passionate stylistic research, constantly studying fabrics, models and structures and experimenting with treatments and dying techniques.
“Ever since the days of Osti, who I knew personally, I have had the greatest admiration for this innovative and utterly original brand that is a complete reflection of Made in Italy style” explains Enzo Fusco. “Today we devote that same passion and same enthusiasm to the designer sportswear brand that C.P. Company has become, using our experience to keep it up to date. C.P. Company is a special brand and it is just as rewarding today as it was yesterday”.
Fusco, a stylist with a distinctly innovative nature, experiments with designs contaminated by different worlds, from technical to sporty or vintage military, his great passion.
And it is here, from this constant and passionate drive for experimentation, that the unique and inimitable C.P. Company style emerges.
Exclusive models that stay ahead of the trends with precious finishing, yarns and materials developed ad hoc and the best tailoring. C.P. Company is essentially a Made in Italy brand that has grown and developed internationally, combining elements of Italian style with that metropolitan and cosmopolitan look so popular all over the world.
Enzo Fusco has decided to dedicate this entire year to celebrating this important milestone for the brand and many events and initiatives will take place over the year.
The C.P.Company Undersixteen’s line, after many years in stand by, was relaunched in 2011.
Enzo Fusco wanted to bring  a valuable and innovative collection  to  the kids world .
Fabrics meet the needs of children with  unrivaled  sportswear style
Both main and children collection feature an exclusive and trend setting style, with distinctive taylor-quality finishing,  and purpose made materials.
C.P. Company and C.P. Company UNDERSIXTEEN  let you enjoy the essence of a ‘made in Italy’  brand, grown over the years and appreciated worldwide for its blend of Italian style and cosmopolitan touch
For this 40th anniversary, FGF Industry has created a hashtag and invites all its followers to take a photo wearing their favourite Goggle Jacket and post the image using #cp40th.
The images will be used as part of the #cp40th celebratory book.

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May 26, 2015