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“I always remember my Dad, taking pictures of the whole family every Sunday… maybe therefore, for me, photography was always connected with very happy memories” reveals American fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber.
In the Sixties he moved to NY, there he met legendary Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo, Diane Arbus and others who encouraged him to become a photographer. At the beginning of the Eighties he already worked for American Vogue magazine… at that time his style was very innovating … spontaneous and surprising… almost like snapshots, capturing the moment.
In the early 90’s Bruce Weber became famous for his portraits of the young Richard Gere and for his advertising campaign for Calvin Klein… his straightforward black and white shots, featuring fashion model Markus Schenkenberg barely holding jeans in front of himself in a shower, catapulted Weber into the national spotlight…
He has created some of the most indelible fashion imagery over the past four decades for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Interview with his trusty Pentax.
“I am someone who wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks about things that I hope for. I end up putting those things in my films and my photographs and books.” His advice: “You have to fight for your work – everybody has to. You have to be able to get knocked down and stand back up. You have to go out in the world and live!”

We are so proud to have this wonderful story  “Mack’s Fishing Camp” on our upcoming kid’s wear Magazine Vol.41

Bruce Weber’s thoughts about the kid’s wear photo shoot:
“When you read ‘Huckleberry Finn’ by Mark Twain, you almost can’t believe a world like that once existed! For this photo shoot I was lucky to go to that kind of world… in the middle of the Everglades Park… called Max’s Fish Camp where the innocence of being kids is cherished along with the nature… that embraces it… so everyone becomes family”.

Have a look at:

1. Bruce Weber – photo by Chris Domurat
2.- 5. “Mack’s Fishing Camp” –  photo by Bruce Weber

June 25, 2015