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Giraffe Manor – Having breakfast with a giraffe

Kenya is an extraordinary place for the whole family! There you can experience how it feels to live in close contact with nature. 

“Giraffe Manor” is one of Nairobi’s most fascinating buildings. It has a beautiful façade and elegante interiors. Built in the 30s when the first european visitors first flocked to East Africa. It has a unique style but thats not what makes this place so special.

The most fascinating thing about “Giraffe Manor” is the herd of Rothschild giraffes that live there. There might even be the chance that one of these beautiful creatures might visit you for breakfast!

But don’t be afraid! They are just hoping to receive some treats before they retreat in their forest sanctuary.

Get ready for one of the most incredibile experiences of your life and have a look at :

Text by Giacomo Cristaldi

March 4, 2016