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Bobo Choses presents Charcoal Moon

As each Bobo Choses collection comes into the world with a story and characters of its own, why don’t illustrate this story?
That’s why each season the Spanish team comes up with a small booklet. Following the Autumn-Winter 2015/16 collection, here we are with a new illustrated tale.
Charcoal Moon welcomes young readers into a dark night with the moon that “has lost its light because nobody looks at her anymore! Travelers no longer have their way lit; poets have lost their source of inspiration and there’s no one to listen to us during night-time!
It will be an adventurous journey for children to help the moon recovering its shine.
The concept behind this beautifully illustrated book is about doing the impossible, no winter or dark could stop even the tiniest of the little ones, if they have imagination.

Written by Luciano Torres, Illustrated by Magda Codina, Adriana Esperalba and Luciano Torres, Charcoal Moon, Copyright Bobo Choses, 2015

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

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December 2, 2015