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Blueroom, design led by care!

Isabelle and Marc Winterhalder-Andrehalden founded blueroom design & architecture studio, led by a passion for good design and beautiful and sustainable architecture. Since they are parents, they started to follow a path towards the design for children and families.
A “family affair” collection, as they say, born from the foundation that “sustainable means long-lasting”, distinguished by its clear shapes and quality.
Based in Sachsen, Switzerland, they have displayed their products at big showcases all around Europe, from Blickfang Basel to Milan Design Week. What they care most is to provide a functional furniture for the family in the whole. And that’s why they come up with “lullaby”, the birch wood bunk bed, in pink or lime colors, or “hocker”, a lacquered piece of furnishing that can be used as a little table or a bedside from the little ones or as a stool with the matching board game. Isabelle and Marc designed this set thinking at its use in the often-neglected play area of hospitals or medical centers and they also decided to commit disabled people for their production.

Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

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July 23, 2015