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Bellerose Kids Loves Playing with Contrasts and Opposites!

One would be hard pressed to find a decade that reflects Bellerose’s versatility better than the 90’s and it just so happens that the eclecticism that made the 90’s such an interesting era also lies at the heart of what the Belgium lifestyle creators do.
In some ways, it’s as if the decade never really ended here at Bellerose…
It’s with that state of mind that the new kids FW 16 collection was created.
And what comes into the mind immediately is playfulness, functionality and comfort. Customized denim is mixed with teddy fur… used in multiple ways, while sportswear influences are combined with prints, often inspired by cartoons, graffiti and even videogames… flashy colours give a fresh injection to that vibrant collection.
When it comes to the girls collection, soft satin and pleats are back… to meet faux fur and fluffy knitwear… Like always, there is an incredible attention to details… pieces like the teddy parka with graffiti lining, the bomber jacket with satin sleeves and a particularly grungy tutu are eye catchers in a collection that radiates warmth, cosiness and lots of fun…
The boys collection, is a bit rougher… Outdoor influence are shining through their outerwear with pieces such as the heritage body warmer, a Canadian style parka and the zip-up Sherpa over shirt…
Echoes of the 90’s can be found everywhere… and as always: the whole collection is surprisingly different! 

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
August 24, 2016