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Beau Loves..Holiday…Travel…Voyage!

Beau Loves is an East London based children’s wear brand known for quirky yet practical garments for adventurous kids, all created with Love by designer Faye Wilde
Each collection is inspired by Faye’s fun loving son Beau, and what he Loves: from nature to superheroes all mixed each season with bold patterns, individual cut shapes and artistic hand-drawn graphics.
From the beginning Beau Loves distinguished itself by introducing a gender-neutral vocabulary and a large use of black among the garments, breaking out of the boundaries of traditional children’s clothing.
The Spring/Summer 2016 collection is inspired by a school project turned into Beau drawing a map of all the places he’d Love to visit…

– Amsterdam to pick a tulip
– The Rain forest to see a Parrots plumes
–  Africa to count a Leopard’s Spots
– Florida to shake Mickey Mouse hand
– Antarctica to find a masked Polar bear
– France to shout Bonjour Sunshine 

Illustrations are used through out the collection: all over prints this season are Modern Leopard print, Block printed Tulips, Masked Bears and Mini Masks…
These have all been mixed together with a unique set of placement prints some hand written by Beau himself.
The collection is a mix of relaxed easy to wear shapes with an edge perfect for mixing and matching whether boy or girl: the design is modern and cool, stylish and creative.

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June 28, 2016