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Beau Cacao

Founded in 2013 by Bo San Cheung and Thomas Delcour, two young adventurers and food-lovers who met in New Zealand, Beau Cacao is bringing an exciting new twist to the chocolate scene.
Bo and Thomas started making small batches of chocolate at home, delving deeper into the subject with each bar, encouraged by friends and family.
They initially bought cacao from South America, but as they studied more they learned of the uniqueness of Malaysia’s beans. With the dream becoming a reality, they eventually flew to Malaysia in 2014 to seek out first hand for the cacao that would change their future…
Bo explains: “We chose Malaysian beans for their high quality… Captivated by the country’s stunning natural diversity and friendly people, we decided to go directly to cacao farmers to source our beans.”
By rejecting the modern mass market approach to making chocolate, Beau Cacao is creating a direct link between the consumer and the grower.
As soon as they receive their cacao back in London, Bo and Thomas make their chocolate from scratch, adding only cane sugar and cocoa butter. The couple use specialised machinery, some of which they’ve built themselves, to bring out the unique flavours of the beans.
The beautiful packaging is a collaboration between Bo, Thomas, Mark Bloom of London’s Socio Design and Adam Gill, Motion Director.
Each wrapper features patterns influenced by textiles from Borneo and colour palettes inspired by the bars’ tasting notes, all printed on beautifully foiled recycled paper.
Beau Cacao bars are available directly from the company’s website, with a presence in local delis and artisan foodhalls coming next. 

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February 18, 2017