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BARRA chocolate

Barra is a small factory based in Santiago, Chile, created by Belén Newman and Carlos Moret, a chilean-venezuelan couple.
Their aim: to create the best chocolate using the highest ingredients in the purest way possible. 
They make high-grade dark chocolate (not less than 60%), which is the kind that they and we love… smooth and tasty, with flavour notes that come in stages and linger after it’s over.
We want let people understand more about the superfood and know the difference between an industrial chocolate bar and our chocolate made of only two ingredients.
What strikes about Barra is also the particular care for packaging: Belén shares with Carlos the passion for design and together they drew most of them.  
About two months ago, they called 3 illustrators, each for every new chocolate flavour, and invited them to collaborate with the tasty brand.
Catalina Bu, Camilo Huinca and Matias Prado gave their signature respectively to the Goat Milk, the Salted Almonds and the Pure 100%.

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January 2, 2017