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ARAIA kids: One of the Coolest Shoes on That Planet!

Cinzia Araia was born in Venice in 1974… you might say that shoemaking runs in her Italian blood… in her veins… as her dad was a shoemaker himself. When Cinzia’s son Jacopo was born, she decided to create magic shoes for kids… which she did…they look gorgeous and little feet feel fabulous while exploring the world in them…
“I love design and creativity in all their forms: furniture, sculpture, and painting. I try to steal from each of these areas. The most unusual and hidden aspects inspire me. An irregular volume, an inaccurate shape, those are the nuances and details that hit my eyes and capture my creativity. The future is my inspiration. My point of arrival. I think about the future and I create for the future“, explains Cinzia. 

And indeed… some of those incredible shoes look like little spaceshuttles… and might catapult you towards another planet… shoes which are truly magic!

Have a look at:

Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
December 21, 2016