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ANGULUS, great shoe expectations

In terms of style, what are our expectations from a brand which takes its inspirations first and foremost from traditional craftsmanship, and then from today’s modern lifestyle?
They are high. And we expect plenty of contemporary chic. The Danish children’s label, Angulus, has managed to balance these qualities throughout its more than 110-year history and has always placed comfort before uncomfortable trends to create timeless designs.
Willy Madsen’s father laid the foundation stone of Angulus in 1904 with his shoemaking business in Copenhagen. Willy himself, as an observant teacher, recognized the unhealthy consequences of the pointed shoes worn by his students, and looked for alternatives. His concern was almost revolutionary at a time when child labour had only just been prohibited by law, and children were still regarded as of little value or importance in society.In collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists, Willy developed a shoe which followed the actual contours of the foot; it was widley introduced to the market in 1928…
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The Spring/Summe collection plays with all-over diamond patterns, punched leather heart and star patterns, tomato red patent leather and buckle sandals in forest floor brown. Harmonious highlights for pure Scandinavian chic.

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Text by Julia Van Hove

POSTED BY cts-klee
March 8, 2016