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Andorine, Light and Shade

It’s episode 7 for the story-loving Portuguese label Andorine. So what is the little bird Andorine up to this time?

In her new adventure, she flies to 17th century Amsterdam in search of enlightenment. This wonderful city demonstrates to Andorine the contrasts of shade and light, from the sun’s reflections in the canals to the dense cloudy skies and the flat green landscapes. The little bird finds herself inspired by the creative movement of the time and its flourishing paintings. 

Warm and sophisticated, the collection is enhanced with the finest fleece cotton and canvas style patches similar to the very paintings Andorine discovers. The metallics provide a hint of covetable gilded luxury with the introduction of tangerine, pink, black and brick multilayered washed garments. 

With ‘Light and Shade’, we can all be ’dreamers’.

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
September 18, 2019