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An Interview with Maud Rascle,
designer of Kenzo Kids

Last December our deputy editor and digital director Petra Barkhof met Maud Rascle, designer of Kenzo Kids, in Paris. After joining the opening of the new brand’s showroom she had a chat with her, regarding FW20-21 collection, eco-friendly production and social strategies. 

Petra: What is the inspiration of FW201-21 collection?
Maud: We turned into kids collection the inspiration which is behind adults collection in terms of shapes and fabrics. The tiger, emblem of Kenzo is also present into kids line, but we revisited children’s universe by adding tiger’s friends, lion and elephant. The idea of the elephant was inherited by first Kenzo bottle perfume, Jungle. The eye also is a main theme on adult collections and in the children’s version we played with the eyes, which are winking.

P: Do you pay attention to ecological materials in the production?
M: Yes we are improving ecological production both in the adults and kids collections. Seasons after season we are taking more concrete actions: use of organic cotton, recycled fabrics, even our packaging is 100% recyclable.

P: Do you realize mini-me pieces?
M: No, this in not our strategy. Adults inspiration is totally revisited for kids. Colour palette and graphics are specifically for kids, with own designers and graphics team working on kids line. Pieces which can be similar are always revisited with a twist. 

P: Do you have any particular project for the kids collection?
M: We never stop developing projects, like special editions and capsule collections for Christmas or Halloween. Also regarding distribution, after Hong Kong we are going to focus on Middle East.

P: How is social media strategy important for the brand? Are you using influencers?
M: It’s the reality of the nowadays. It’s important to have a specific Instagram account for Kenzo Kids, expressing its own universe. No we don’t use influencers.

P: Do you think online magazines are more important now?
M: I think what is interesting today is that everything is mixed. Digital has gained importance, but also online magazines should have sometime some special printed issues that give something else. Because print still has a value.

Kenzo Kids FW20 collection is about an exploration trip all around the world. From Ventura to climb the mountains with the Tiger, Tokyo with the urban japanese way of life, and to Lima to discover the Peruvian culture. The trip is ending by a big Party in Vegas!

The collection is mixing trendy styles with casual outfits, very bright palettes balanced by darker shades with Pop&Graphic.

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POSTED BY enrico
May 15, 2020