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Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Alphabet Book is an interesting project by prominent photographer Tierney Gearon.
Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated with a photograph shot by Gearon herself, which animates every sign: A is Airplane Adventure, B is Bear Boy, C becomes Clown Car and so on until the Z of Zany Zeal
This volume, which is an inventive photo-book and also Gearon’s most charming work to date, could be the perfect gift for children and parents alike. 
Being exhibited at many prominent galleries and museums all around the world, Tierney has been pushing the envelope of contemporary photography thanks to her lighthearted touch.

Tierney Gearon, Alphabet Book, Copyright Damiani, 2013


1. A: Airplane Adventures
2. C: Clown Car
3. F: Forgetful Fishing
4. X: Xmas Xing 

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POSTED BY cts-klee
December 30, 2016