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Alike but not Alike
Peter Zelewski

London-based portrait and documentary photographer Peter Zelewski‘s Alike but not Alike is a stunning series of identical twin portraits that probe at duality, connectedness, image, and identity.

Pairs of identical twins are captured stoically, side by side, styled in matching ensembles that lead the eye towards the subtle, barely perceptible nuances of each individual face—the downward turn of the eyes, the slightly higher bridge of the nose; even those who share 99% of their DNA are one of a kind.

Other dyads are caught in the easy embrace of their sibling, evoking the intimacy of those few who have always known one other, in every turn of season and cycle of life.
Showing from February 22 at The Hoxton, Shoreditch, London.

Have a look at:

Alike But Not Alike
The Hoxton Shoreditch
199 High Holborn
until May 22nd, 2018

Cover Picture: Duke and Joe
Picture 1: Kira and Taya
Picture 2: Reggie and Mickey
Picture 3: Sharmeena and Ridhwana
Picture 4: Bill and Toby
Picture 5: Tululah and Delila
Picture 6: Chloe and Leah

POSTED BY enrico
April 30, 2018