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Agatha Cub: Extremely Exciting Stuff!

This New York based children’s brand creates loads of fun, practical and also very sophisticated clothes… with their focus on nature, organic fabrics & sustainability, this is an exciting company to watch… by creating from natural, and organically certified fabrications, all their products can be returned to the earth.
In addition, Agatha Cub has a repurpose program: customers can send back their used Agatha Cub garments and will get a credit for purchases in the online store…
Creative director and founder is Bianca Reis, born and raised in Australia… she admits: her two naughty little nephews, Jo and Sam are her biggest inspiration! …and… Bianca always walks around this planet with wide open eyes… weird looking sea animals, the strange surface texture oft the moon and lots of other fancy stuff you will find transformed in her unique designs. “Children are amazing!”, Bianca says… “with kids, there’s so much room to help shape and influence the way in which kids see the world. If we teach them for example that they can wear all kind of colours and motifs, then we also teach them, that anything is possible!”

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
May 21, 2015