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A Place Under The Sun,
Soft Gallery SS20

Soft Gallery celebrates the wondrous harmony between children and nature. This return to our roots, the appreciation of the ground, the local flora and fauna that sustains us also forms the base of their SS20 collection.

For the Copenhagen based label  ‘A Place Under The Sun’ reflects the warmth and emotions we feel when in a meadow – the softness of a warm breeze embracing us, the changing textures under our feet, the plum tree that blossoms in spring, and then feeds us later in summer. It’s all about a connection and appreciation of Mother Nature.

The collection reflects the mood with warm tones, blossoming wildflowers and rich landscape hues.

Warm and soothing ‘A Place Under The Sun’ is something we all wish for, and for that matter need at the moment.

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Text by Katie Kendrick

POSTED BY enrico
June 8, 2020