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A Dance Romance by Bobo Choses

Just in time for the year’s most “romantic” month – favourite Spanish label Bobo Choses launches their SS20 collection entitled ‘A Dance Romance’.

The collection celebrates children’s passion for dance  pointing out that there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this medium but rather just your own way. The aim is to just let yourself go to the rhythm, dance and feel happy!

With over 404 references (no not a browser’s error…) the collection is extensive and includes baby, kid, home, women and men’s collections. Staying true to their ethos of locally made manufacturing 74% of the SS20 production is made in Spain with 19% just over the border in Portugal.

The shapes and colour palette are signature ‘Bobo Choses’ and as always look out for the accompanying book to the collection, the tenth publication by the brand. 

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
February 11, 2020