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Private: Rubacuori
Spring/Summer 2016
Collection Statement

The chic and elegant character finds its highest expression in the blue: must color for a stylish spring look and casual at the same time.
Protagonists of graphics and applications are roses, blue of course, adorning necklines of tshirts, are transformed into rows of gauzy skirts and spread on dresses .

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Private: Rubacuori
SS 2016
AW 2015/16
SS 2015
Brand Profile

The Daddato’s Manufactures is a proud name in The Italian Industry. Driven by an intense passion of enter- prise, the company takes care of every detail with particular attention to quality, investing on innovative ma- chinery for a production in step with the times. Material research, technological adaptation, the efficiency of productive flows are the elements on which is concentrated the commitment of each area of the company. 
From small workshop to big industry: the suc- cess of company has allowed, in the time, by careful management of development.
The experience and the deep knowledge of the dynamics of the market, have enabled the Daddato’s Manufactures to conceive some brands of considerable success: RUBACUORI, TWOPLAY, SHOP ART and SHIKI are the brand of properties that have conquered the market for a long time. Instead is strategic the choice of brands under licence: MSGM kids, !M?ERFECT girls, GOLA, FRED MELLO and SWEET YEARS confirm the company quality and satisfy the market changes, more and more demanding.


brand contact
Manifatture Daddato s.p.a.
Via Strasburgo, 11/13/15
76121 Barletta (BT) Italy
T. +39.0883.53.87.02 – 03
F. +39.0883.53.87.04

press contact
Manifatture Daddato s.p.a.
Via Strasburgo, 11/13/15
76121 Barletta (BT) Italy
T. +39.0883.53.87.02 – 03
F. +39.0883.53.87.04