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Spring/Summer 2017
Collection Statement

‘The Forbidden Garden’ péro spring-summer 2017 celebrates the work of Pierre Joseph Redoute, a painter and botanist from Southern Netherlands was also the official Artist in the court of Queen Marie Antoinette. He is world famous for painting stunning lilies, roses and other flowers at Malmaison brought to life by his smooth watercolours. This is reflective in the detailing and trims …

Brand Profile

‘péro’ means ‘to wear’ in Marwari, the local language of Rajasthan. péro interprets international aesthetic using local material and skills, taking inspiration from what surrounds us, to make a product that connects with people, wherever in the world it is placed.

The Indian-ness of péro rests in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of hand-crafting and creating pieces that are at once unique.


brand contact

Adele Gandola
T. +39 0258328639
M. +39 3393551010  
F+39 0258433497


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